Vaccine Information

Vaccination is required for all attendees, speakers, exhibitors, guests, and ACS staff who attend the Northeast Regional Meeting (NERM) in person in Rochester, NY. Please use the following instructions to verify your information through the CLEAR/Health Pass vendor:

  1.  Follow this and enter your mobile number to receive an automated text message with a link to download the CLEAR app from your device app store. If you are already enrolled in CLEAR, you can add a health pass and use the code: ACSVAX22
  2.  Enroll or verify your identity in CLEAR. You will need a government-issued photo ID and good lighting to take a photo of yourself.
  3.  Confirm your Know Before You Go in the app.
  4.  Add your vaccination record to the app.
  5.  When your screen turns green, your identification and vaccines have been verified and confirmed.

If you have trouble completing verification in the Clear app, ACS Staff on site will also accept CDC vaccination cards with a photo ID as verification. Electronic vaccination passes (such as the NY State Covid-19 Excelsior Pass) will also be accepted.

If you need to request an exception to the vaccination policy, please email:
ACS recommends that all attendees, vendors, and ACS staff wear a face mask while in the meeting venue, any facility hosting an ACS-sponsored event or meeting, or while attending an ACS-hosted/sponsored event or meetings.

· Custom Health Pass Code – vaccine: ACSVAX

· Direct App Link – vaccine:

· QR Codes:

Health Pass Code – vaccine – ACSVAX