Undergraduate-specific programming is scheduled for Sunday, October 2 & Monday, October 3.

 You are invited to participate in the entire Undergraduate Program all day Sunday and Monday. Please see the Undergraduate Program (QR code below) for times and locations for all of our events.

  • Sunday, October 2
    • 1:00 pm – 2:15 pm: Grad School Panel Highland G
    • 2:30 pm -4:00 pm: Career Panel Highland G
    • 5:00 pm- 8:00 pm Grad School Fair Expo Hall (RRCC)
    • 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm: Undergraduate Poster Session. Expo Hall (RRCC) odd poster numbers 6-7 and even poster numbers 7-8 (see table below).
  • Monday, October 3
    • 8:30 am – 11:45 am – Undergraduate Oral Session Susan B. Anthony Room Hyatt
    • All day – ACS career consultant 1-on-1 mock interviews, resume review, job consultations

Odd poster numbers present 6-7 pm, Even poster numbers present 7-8 pm

Poster # Presenter (s)Poster Title
1Reatha von HoltzMass spectrometric based approach for Lysosomal Storage Diseases diagnostic in newborns
2Lydia LagreeA systematic way to screen FDA approved cancer medications for repurpose potential to treat Alzheimer’s Disease
3Ian HanleyAlcohol dehydrogenation by [IrCl2Cp*]2 using quinone acceptors
4Tyler BechardA third-generation biosensor involving the synergistic effect of Ti3C2Tx Mxenes and superoxide dismutase for the detection of superoxide anion
5McKenna GibsonAn investigation into Biginelli-like Multicomponent Reactions
7Sarah Ann CraneAquatic photochemistry of the livestock feed additive Ractopamine
8Lyra SauerAtmospheric chemistry of urea: A computational study of important gas-phase reactions
9Blake Eby | Isaiah MillerCancer drug, regorafenib (STIVARGA1), inhibits amyloid-beta 42 aggregation in-vitro and has drug repurpose potential for treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
10Stephonda G LewisChemoselective oxidation of alcohols in the presence of amines by oxoammonium salts
11Elena Yangyo ChenComparing solvothermal and mechanochemical synthesis of metal organic frameworks
12Vivian DingControlling singlet fission dynamics in functionalized pentacenes through thin film processing
13Khushi GandhiComputational study in the development of PET ligands as allosteric modulators for mGluR7
14Xijue WuDesign for Novel Pyridone Ligands for Nickel Catalysts
15Abigail Young | Skye C. ChaapelDevelopment of a Green Oxidation Method for Alcohols
16Marissa Ashley SmithDevelopment of methods for determining the enantioselectivity of lactic acid produced from glucose
17Gabriel PierceDevelopment of Electrochemistry Experiment for General Chemistry
18Minh Hoang LeDiscovery of a more general catalyst for a broader scope of solvent-free ionothermal cyclotrimerizations of methyl ketones and nitriles
19Mary UpenieksDo Curcumin Derivatives Affect Tubulin Polymerization in Cancer Cells? An Investigation into Their Mechanism of Action
20Xiaoyu HuEffect of transition metal cation on the stability and permeability of graphene oxides: Iron(Fe) and Copper(Cu)
21Lucia SperanzaEffects of crude Bark Extracts and isolated Components From White Birch and American Sycamore Trees on D. melanogaster Development and Resistance to Oxidative Stress
22Wanqing YuElectrocatalytic defluorination of perfluorooctanoic acid in aqueous electrolyte assisted by ultraviolet radiation
23Megan R ForneyElectrooxidation of toluene by laser-made nanocatalysts to form less oxidized oxygenates
24Anthony LaraElucidation of perylene diimide photocatalytic mechanism using time-resolved spectroscopy
25Shiva DahagamEnzyme-templated charge transfer complex enables the regioselective alkylation of heterocycles
26Emma RyanEvidence that regorafenib binds amyloid-beta 42 (Aβ42) within the putative Zn2+ binding domain
27Margaret C Hintz | Emily M FitzpatrickExploring the synthesis of maleanilic acids and maleimides in bioderived, biodegradeable solvents
28Nothando KhumaloFast and Accurate Chemistry Solutions: NWChemEx
29Anna MeglanIdentification of Plasmodium falciparum Autophagy-related Protein 8 (PfAtg8) Inhibitors via Two Screening Methods
30Sarah Zhang | Pasa SuksmithEvolutionary trajectory of the ribonucleotide reductase catalytic subunit
31Aidan MillerIdentifying minimum inhibitory concentrations of clinically relevant antibiotics for a pathogenic strain of E. coli
32James HasselbeckInterpreting the effect of relevant mutations on γB Crystallin structure and dynamics
33Dave TirtariyadiInvestigation of metal-free synthesis approaches to organic electrode materials for battery applications
34Stephanie LeeInvestigation of the Correlation Between Total Trihalomethanes Levels and Socioeconomic Factors in  the NY State
35Katherine MerkelInvestigation of the Electronic Structure of N-Heterocyclic Carbenes
36Rachel Hirschkind | Kia Haering | Veronica SzygalowiczInvestigation of Zinc Metal Ion Effect on Amyloid Beta Protein Structure
37Andrea KoidMedicinal Chemistry Optimization of Small Molecule Inhibitors for Chagas Disease
38Brooke MitchellNickel-Catalyzed Decarbonylative Cross-Coupling Reactions with N-Phenylphthalimides
39Isabella PelkeyOptimization of the in-gel sample preparation for mass spectrometry-based proteomics
40Martina  VidevaOptimizing Purification Techniques of Escherichia coli Outer Membrane Vesicles
41Aaditi ChopadeWithdrawn. Oxidation-responsive modified cellulose-based materials
42Nate RandallPhysiochemical properties of polyethylene glycol 200 as a solvent
43Darren LangerPoly(isobutyl vinyl ether) upcycling via photooxidative degradation
44Derek EmrichPoly(A) tailed mRNA Enrichment Using Poly(LNA-A) – Poly(rA) Duplexes
45Miray Huriye ApakPolyethylene glycol (PEG200) and pentaethylene glycol in confinement
46John CarlsonProteomic Analysis of Human Breast Milk using Mass Spectrometry to Reveal Protein Biomarkers for Early Breast Cancer Detection
47Victoria SanbergProbing visual literacy with 2D and 3D representations of cell biology
48Aden AlemayhuPurification of full-length NEMO and structural impacts of conflicting dimerization sites
49Dylan Michael InesStimuli-responsive surface coatings for molecular imaging with T2 MRI contrast agents
50Aidan SpenglerStructural and solution-state stability and reactivity studies of a series of biomimetic manganese(II) complex with a pyridine-containing, tripodal ligands
51Nathan TangStudies toward the convergent total synthesis of phlegmadines B and C via a strategic carbonyl transposition
52Teona  TaseskaSustainable catalytic successor technologies to mitigate the challenges posed by the scale of global human needs
53Isabelle SullivanProteomics Analysis of Sera from an Asian American woman with Triple Negative Breast Cancer and a Matched Control: A Case Study Investigation for Biomarker Discovery
54Logan SeymourProteomics Investigation of Human Sera from African American Donors with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer and Matched Controls
55Samantha L. ClaussenSynthesis and characterization of biomimetic manganese(II) complexes with aza-crown ether macrocyclic ligands containing a pyridylmethyl or quinolylmethyl substituents
56Mathew GraciSynthesis and magnetic properties of nitrogen coordinated 2-hydroxypyridine copper(II) complexes
57Mary Elizabeth Kane | Molly RoeschSynthesis of bismuth nanoparticles for applications in oncology
58Sabrina RoseSynthesis of boron based small molecules as therapeutic agents
59Halle MarvichSynthesis of nitroalkane substrates for the development of an electro-oxidative route to quaternary α-amino acids
60Hunter HeinemanSynthesis of novel cross-membrane difluorometric probes
61ALEXANDRA Montgomery WOODRUFFSynthesis of pregnene alkaloid analogs from Pachysandra terminalis extract
62Benjamin MukdaSynthesis, Structure, and Magnetic Properties of Copper (II) “Adamantoid” Clusters
63Konstantinos V VlasakakisSynthetic efforts towards benzoyltyramine natural products
64Catherine Hagearty-MatternUltrasound-induced cyclization of fluorescent peptides for molecular imaging of fibrin
65Nathaniel PaddockExamining physicochemical properties of polyethylene glycol using molecular dynamics simulations: Effects of forcefield modification
66Rowan NothnagleVisible light Induced Decomposition of Disinfection Byproducts in Drinking Water
67Ben BrekkeRuthenium complexes and their applications towards Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs)
68Yasmeen CartwrightProbing Pal’s in Vivo Interactions using Site Directed-Mutagenesis
69Mary Elizabeth KaneSynthesis, Stability, and Oncological Application of Bismuth Nanoparticles
70Emma KellyCortical contributions to value-based decisions in the two-armed bandit task
71Aaron BrownMonitoring the effect of Bak and Bax on oxidative stress in A549 cells in the presence of Trichostatin A
72Morten LeeChemotherapeutic nanoscale coordination polymers (NCPs) for active transport to tumors
73Arden HatchDetermining pharmaceutical binding with Humic acid by High Performance Affinity Chromatography
74Jiaming LiMicroplastic “Bathtub Ring” Effect on Beach
75Julia NiehoffMicrobial Nutrients and Metabolomics in Marine Mesocosm Experiment
76Margot WhitmoreHeat Shock Protein Induction in Female Drosophila melanogaster as a Model System of Glial Tauopathy
77Aidan KropiwnickiPalladium and urea ligand mediated heteroannulation of bromophenols and 1,4-dienes
78Molly CorrSolvent mixtures for improved energy density of heterometal charge carriers in non-aqueous redox flow batteries
79Yichen QiuTopological and magnetic quantum phase transitions in twisted bilayer MoTe2
80Beatrice PenceToward structure-function relationships in organic exciton-polariton condensates
81Xander MichaelsTargeting Telomeric and c-MYC G4 DNA as an Anticancer Approach
82Matthew Chudy, Mobah Islam, Emily Rennells Bone fracture repair: Testing porous properties of calcium phosphate bioactive cement and how it compares to pig bone
83Muhammad Moueed Haider MirzaAntibacterial activity of sulfur-doped carbon/g-C3N4 composite under dark and visible light
84Nguyen Duc MinhSurface Tension measurement of conductive ink for printed sensor improvement
85Paige KingEngineering of Photoactive Hydrogen-bonded Co-crystals
86Caitlyn I. CruzSynthesis of bidentate N-heterocyclic carbene lanthanum nitrosyl complexes
87Jeremy SwartzHow Does the Solvent Affect Hydrogenation?
88Morgan TanguayDevelopment of a Novel Immunoassay for Multiplex Detection of Heat Shock Proteins using xMap Technology (Withdrawn)
89Ryan PinardTowards exciton-polaritons in tunable nanofluidic microcavities
90Gloria DavidovaUnderstanding the effect of vibronic interactions in organic molecules for polaritons
91Oreb LederbergIntramolecular tetrazine-acryloyl cycloaddition: chemistry and applications
92Noah Holt*, Kirk Rollan*, Julian Laugand*Water quality of roadside springs in Western and West Central Pennsylvania
93Katelyn OlssonUsing Al3+ to Improve the Aqueous Stability of Graphene Oxide Membranes
94Briana C. ArreagaSynthesis and structural characterization of imidazole precursors for backbone-substituted bidentate N-heterocyclic carbene ligands
95Brittany CrippsSelective indoline C-H functionalization through biocatalytic carbene transfer and substrate engineering 
96Denis ToussaintSynthesis of a series of first-generation organosilicate systems
97Josh EdelbachFluorescence Quenching by Gold Nanoparticles in a Model Bio-Sensing System (withdrawn)
98Grace E. CroweThe influence of osmolytes and perchlorate on the folding of Z-nucleic acid helices
99Su Wint War*Study of the solubility and synthesis of hypervalent iodine reagents with differing solubility
100Erin M. Stockdale: Synthesis and characterization of pyridine dipyrrolide actinide complexes
101Ethan B. ChavarinSynthesis and Structural Characterization of a Bidentate N-heterocyclic Carbene Nickel Complex: (MesNHC2Xy)Ni(COD)
102William TupaAb initio modeling of superconducting materials by exploring excited electronic configurations
103Kashane MillerCreating a Turbidity Meter for Classroom analysis of Nucleation Kinetics
104Chau Tran MinhCan we control nanoparticle packing in peptoid nanosheet by changing the concentration of the gold nanoparticles?
105Matthew AuerbachOptimizations in the incorporation of ANAP, a fluorescent amino acid, to observe β-tubulin
106Ethan LockeSelective Detection and Removal of PFOS using Redox Sorbents
107Luke KilbyFabrication and Testing of Reduced Graphene Oxide Micro Supercapacitor: An Experimental Study
108L. James MaciscoCharacterization of phenols in wine using multidimensional fluorescence spectroscopy with chemometrics
109Antonia GomesComposition of volatile compounds from rare and endangered Illicium ekmanii, a species endemic to Hispaniola
110Andrea Miramontes SerranoComparative Analysis of Cornell University’s Building Power Demand
111Zirong ChenCharacterization of PCBP2 lysine fatty acylation as a potential HDAC11 substrate
112Spencer HatfieldEffects of high valence metal cations on the properties of graphene oxide
113Daniela SantacruzCEM Microwave-assisted Synthesis of Carbocyclic Derivatives of Curcumin.
114Christian LeonardoKinetics of a Liquid Phase Isobutyric Acid Enolization with monoclinic ZrO2 and anatase TiO2 Catalysts