We are excited to share the wonderful news that the ACS 2022 president, Angela K. Wilson, has agreed to preside and speak at the NERM2022 Awards Dinner on October 3, 2022. Dr. Wilson will be presenting on the “Future of the Chemical Sciences and ACS During the Transformative Age of Chemistry: Our Most Valuable Commodity – People”.

Abstract: Throughout history, periods of time have been marked by human progress – the Iron Age, the Bronze Age, the Industrial Age, and, in more modern times, the Information Age. For chemistry, several periods have been referred to as the “Golden Age” – the golden age of alchemy (~1300-1700), the Golden Age of Science and Technology (~780-1248 CE), the Golden Age of Science (~1950’s), Gold Age of Chemistry (~1920’s-1960’s), and numerous references to the Golden Age of Chemistry. Looking into the next decades, we are ushering in a new age – the Transformative Age of Chemistry –with vital global challenges that must be addressed worldwide. Challenges such as the growing need for food, water, and energy; increasing scarcity of vital elements; melting of the polar ice caps; addressing sustainable processes and products; and so many more, call for chemical solutions. These solutions must be driven by a strong, vibrant, and diverse workforce. A look at our workforce, what ACS is doing, and what we can each be doing to ensure a strong future chemical enterprise will be overviewed.

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