For 38 years, Vernier Software & Technology has been the leader in scientific data-collection technology. Educators worldwide use Vernier sensors, instrumentation, including a benchtop gas chromatograph and spectrophotometers, software, and experiments to teach and engage students in chemistry investigations.  

Some of the exciting things you can learn more about at their exhibit:

  • Go Direct Cyclic Voltammetry System: Give your students hands-on experience with electrochemically active reactions using this affordable potentiostat and disposable screen-printed electrodes. Easily incorporate electrochemistry into your curriculum using our e-book, Electrochemistry Experiments with Go Direct Cyclic Voltammetry System, available free with purchase. (
  • Go Direct Polarimeter:  The concept of chirality can be difficult for students to visualize. Go Direct Polarimeter provides a visual representation of this concept by measuring the optical rotation of optical isomers such as sugars, amino acids, and proteins. (
  • Go Direct Mini GC: With the easy-to-use Go Direct Mini GC and the free Vernier Instrumental Analysis app, students can separate, analyze, and identify substances contained in a volatile liquid or gaseous sample. This portable gas chromatograph detects polar and nonpolar compounds allowing for a wide range of experiments. Sample experiments include fractional distillation and Fischer esterification. (
  • Vernier Instrumental Analysis: With our free Vernier Instrumental Analysis app, students can collect and analyze data from our Go Direct Mini GC and Go Direct Cyclic Voltammetry System using computers, Chromebooks, or compatible mobile devices. (
  • Partnership with LabArchives: Vernier Software & Technology has partnered with LabArchives to bring high-quality chemistry content to instructors through the Lab Builder library. Because all content is structured and standardized, instructors can arrange, customize, and add content to their courses with ease. (

If you are interested for a career at Vernier Software & Technology, enter your email address, to be notified automatically when new positions are posted, at

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